The Weigh Forward is formed of a group of volunteers, involved in a growing movement, to help supply the public with more ethical products. With the environment calling out for help, we feel that we can process change for the better. By supplying products with reduced plastic and giving the public more ethical options, we hope that this will give the community more control and satisfaction over what they buy. We hope you will join us on this journey. We look forward to seeing you soon.


all of our small changes

add up to a big difference.

Mission Statement Core Values Why Choose Us
We believe everybody should have the choice of buying zero waste and envirnmentally friendly products. This should not be only available for niche products and luxury goods. No single-use plastics and nothing that can't be recycled once finished with. We choose all our products as being earth friendly. There is no single silver-bullet or multi-purpose product that will fix all, but choosing any of our products will be a step forward towards a healthier world. We consider many factors when choosing to stock items; bulk packaging, carbon miles/footprint, natural ingrediants, cruelty free, sustainable ingredients and more. We are a small group of volunteers who want to help you make the small steps that lead to big changes.


Founder & Social Justice Embasador

The Weigh Forwards community champion. Has a passion for bringing people together to create change for the better. Loves to support local businesses.


Founder & Part-Time Hippy

Would like to see the whole world to get along. Usually our zero waste product tester and always looking for the next plastic free replacement.


Resourcing Extraordinaire

With a background in supply chain management - is always balancing the books so we can push our suppliers for the best prices.


Technical & Hammers

The Weigh Forward('s) technical voice. At the beginning of a Zero Waste journey. Can usually be found typing something up or screwing it down.