We deliver nothing short of awesome !

We believe natural, ethical products should be available & affordable to everyone

We are a Small Team Doing Big Things!


We are an independant Social Enterprise who want to provide zero waste shopping and help build the community.

We are a small outfit looking to introduce zero waste living to your lives. All our products are supplied because they are produced with ethical principles or minimal packaging. Some of our products will be here because they are made with organic or sustainable ingredients, some will be because they are sourced locally and have a reduced environmental impact, others may be everyday normal items that simply don’t have the layers of unnecessary plastics.

Our process is

Decide which product you wish to purchase

We have a selection of products available in bulk.

Have your container weighed

We will weigh your container and make a note of the weight.

Fill your container

Fill up from the bulk dispenser with your desired amount. Halfway or Full is up to you.

Have your container re-weighed

We will weigh your container again and you only pay for the difference.